What Makes a Surveyor Different from an Agent

Posted By on Sep 3, 2016 |

In this context, the job of a surveyor is leagues different from an agent. The agent being referred here is one that works for the real estate industry – one that is hired to find a property that matches or is relevant to the specifications of their client. They are responsible for finding any property that their client is looking for and will present it to them according to how they are trained to be. Surveyors, on the other hand, can be associated with buying properties. In fact, without them, it would be disastrous for property buyers. The part that is disastrous is how the investments made by the agent’s clients would become liabilities instead. It can be quite confusing at this point, so below are some of the general job details of what surveyors really do.

Surveyors do the job of surveying – which is a profession, technique and the science of determining the three-dimensional and terrestrial position points, including the angles and distances in between them. You have probably seen surveyors before – they position themselves in areas that seem unimportant to the average person’s view. They bring with them equipment similar to a camera, referred to as the infrared reflector. This equipment is used in measuring distance. This is just the general job of a surveyor and every surveyor working in this industry have specific jobs to do. Building surveyors do the job specifically in assessing the condition of properties like buildings and residential units. They are hired for the purpose of knowing whether the building is still in a good condition or not. Such surveyors can be found working at http://masonarcher.co.uk.

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The fact is that only 20 percent of the total first time home buyers hire the services of a surveyor, much less those that are working at http://masonarcher.co.uk. The common reason is how it is very expensive to hire their services, which is why they will only take the word of the agent for it. Keep in mind that the knowledge of a real estate agent is only limited to which is the contractor or the developer behind the property they are handling. They have no knowledge or skill in how to assess the current condition of the property, which is solely the surveyor’s job. It may be very expensive, but you will be saving thousands of pounds by hiring their services. Doing so will give you the assurance that the property you have been eyeing is worth an investment or not.

The surveyors of http://masonarcher.co.uk are capable of creating different kinds of survey. The kind of survey that you are going to hire them for will depend on the age and condition that you want the property to be assessed with. It also includes the budget that you are willing to spend on. Once you get the survey results, you will use it as a guide to see the condition of the property. It will become your weapon against the seller if they try to outwit you on saying the condition of the property that is otherwise false.