Upgrading Your Bedroom

Posted By on Feb 20, 2017 |

Getting the chance to redecorate your bedroom is the best way to give your boudoir a new lease of life. You are on the brink of a design breakthrough. You get to swap a plain old room into a haven of peace and serenity and all in the colours you get to choose. The soft furnishings, throw pillows and blankets can all reflect the sleep and peace you would like in your bedroom. Girls bedrooms when they’re young tend to be all spangles and all things pretty, boys tend to be more about the rough and tumble and video games! Your son’s bedroom is a haven and sometimes a rather stinky one, a palace of privacy and Nintendo and there is a distinct need to be more rebellious as the years go on.

Younger boys always tend to lean toward the bright and fluorescent motifs for their bedrooms with lots of luridly bright colouring and splashes of crazy colour everywhere. There are some that prefer posters and wall decals of animals and a zoo inspired look with a wardrobe and chest bought online as well as finding individual mirrors online dotted around to help all the colours reflect off of one another. As they transition from child to teenager, posters of things like Paddington Bear and Thomas the Tank Engine get taken down and music bands and slogans go up. The colours of the walls may tone down from loud and splashy colours to calm and gentle pastels and block beige. This may sound boring but you would be surprised. Teenagers enjoy the muted tones because then they can put their spirit into their bedrooms with accessories and consoles.

Large and loud posters are hung up as years go on and dirty football boots sit next to the door. Your son will likely have a messily organised room – total oxymoron but while it may look a mess to you, he will know where everything is. If you want to make an even bigger statement, you can buy a framed mirror online. Kids that stick up candid photos of himself and his friends, photos of girls they’ll never admit they actually like and your son is really showing off his essence, his personality. This is his Nintendo sponsored domain and you can always put in your opinion and let him know what you think is right for his room but he will always organise his own way, and that will never change!

The best thing you can do is a parent when it comes to your son, is let him have his flare for creativity and make his choices about his room and how it will be laid out. You will never regret extending that little bit of trust to him and relying on his creativity and everything down to curtain and lampshade choices will be his to control. The only thing you obviously cannot allow is draping fabrics over lights as that is just a huge fire waiting to explode, and that’s never good. Helping your child to develop his style and really release his passion for whatever his colours are, will allow you to also see the type of person he’s becoming. So let his creative passion fly and watch him blossom in his own space, you will never regret it.