Keep Yourself Safe In The Home

Posted By on Mar 28, 2017 |

Your home is your palace and if your home looks ‘open’ to others then you are in a very vulnerable position. Homes are especially vulnerable in quiet country areas and those belonging to the more wealthy residents, such as London and the South East. Ensuring that you use an effective upvc windows contractors in Sevenoaks when installing your windows at the front of your house are secure is extremely important. They should be ideally double glazed and fitted correctly as this can make such a difference in the eyes of a burglar. Dealing with home security isn’t the easiest and not having the right provisions in place for your home can be to its detriment. The trauma of a break in doesn’t just scar the home but it can really affect your mental health and it’s not something that’s spoken about enough. The support required to support you personally when your space has been violated is usually quick and professional and while you’re trying to come to terms with the damage that has possibly been done, you’ll hopefully have insurance available to take the pressure off trying to replace stolen items.

It can actually feel worse if nothing is missing from your house after a robbery because you’re then left feeling like the person who broke in has unfinished business and will come back to find whatever it was they didn’t find the first time round. It’s frightening and it’s for that reason that your home security should be a top priority.

  1. Don’t leave your keys or ID documents within easy reach of doors, letterboxes or windows. You don’t want to make it easy for anyone to get easy access and if your house has windows fitted by a professional upvc window contractors Tunbridge Wells then you are already on your way to better security. Make sure the locks are secure inside the windows and consider getting frosted windows fitted.
  2. Close and lock all doors and windows. If you have multi-locking door handles, lift the handle, lock it with the key and remove it. Put the key in a safe place out of sight in case of fire.
  3. Lock garages and sheds so garden tools and ladders can’t be used to break into your home. If you’ve recently had window locks fitted to by a proper upvc window companies in Tonbridge they would have properly inspected them and they will be able to ensure the locks won’t break or be easily broken.
  4. Keep side gates locked and wheelie bins stored behind them so that the gate isn’t easily accessible.
  5. Use timer switches linked to lights and a radio so it appears that someone is at home especially if you are planning a long holiday. Giving the impression that you are home as well as having someone check in on the house while you’re gone.
  6. Invest in a safe for valuables and sentimental items and securely fix it to a solid surface. You can put passports and birth certificates in here as well that way in case of flood or fire you’re special documents are protected.
  7. Install a visible intruder alarm system and make sure it’s bold enough to be seen from outside – burglars don’t want to be seen or heard.
  8. Install low level ‘dusk till dawn’ lighting to increase visibility and deter burglars.
  9. Keep side and rear boundaries high to restrict access and front boundaries low to remove hiding places.
  10. Photograph and mark valuables and sentimental items with your postcode and house number/name.