How to Benefits from Using Impact Indicators

Posted By on Feb 17, 2017 |

If you are planning on shipping packages to certain destinations and they happen to be a bit on the fragile side, you would certainly want to take appropriate steps to ensure that they are not going to be damaged when they reach their destination. This can be a bit tricky though especially since the people that will be handling them may sometimes resort to rough measures when getting these items moved. This is the reason why now more than ever you should invest on impact indicator stickers.

These tilt sensors from as the most viable solution for your concern about how you often end up with packages that have fragile content that often ends up getting damaged or broken when they reach the hands of whom they were intended for. When you just ship them out without these stickers slapped into their respective containers and boxes, there is no way for you to determine if the damage inside may have been caused by an impact that the box has been subjected to during transport.

When you have shock sensors from on the package, expect that you can reduce the costs that you have to cover when it comes to damages. You will also no longer have to spend too high a figure when it comes to the losses incurred during the storage and the transportation of these items. This is a perfect way for you to transport product that is sensitive, are fragile, as well as these calibrated goods that need to be transported with due care.

If the package has indeed been mishandled, the sticker can serve as an indisputable evidence. It is easy to determine who is accountable since the stickers are designed to specifically pinpoint which part of the journey did the impact occur which may have damaged the contents inside considerably.

Many people have used these stickers as a deterrent for those instances when people mishandle the packages. It is often practiced among couriers and other shipping services to just roughly move these packages that they are supposed to transport once it reaches them, never really paying full attention to what the boxes contain. This can cause many fragile goods to get damaged along the way. Since the stickers are easily visible when they are slapped onto packages and containers they can help serve as a deterrent for mishandling. When employees see them, they would think twice about how they are going to move these packages around since it will certainly show if they will handle them improperly.

These are very effective stickers to use, too, that will help reduce warranty claims. It is very common for some buyers to take advantage of the warranty. So, the sticker can be used as evidenceif somebody might claim that their product has been damaged due to mishandling because clearly, the stickers will indicate whether that is indeed true or not. For manufacturers this also allows them to determine which specific part of their supply chain needs improvement that will then translate to better handlestorage and transport these packages.