Dos and Don’ts Loft Conversion and Double Glazing

Posted By on Oct 3, 2016 |

When you are going to build a loft in your house and have double glazing installation, then here are the dos and don’ts that you need to know first. So before you hire those contractors, then read this post so you will know if you are doing the right thing or not.

Do ventilate the area

When it comes to double glazing installation, you need to know that ventilation is always important. That is why if you have a double glazed door in your shower room then it is better for you to ventilate it as often as possible. This way you will not have a problem with condensation in between the glass or moisture trapped in between your double glazing glasses. That is why when you consider the place or area where you are going to install double glazing, ensure that there is proper ventilation in that area.

space-desk-workspace-coworking-mediumDo value regular maintenance

For double glazing and loft conversion, it is important that you seek regular maintenance. When you do not take care of it, then you can expect for premature repairs for both double glazing and loft conversion. With double glazing, if you have enough time, then what you can do is to simply take care of the glass, like constantly clean it with mild glass cleaner, or just a simple wipe every day will do. With the loft conversion, what you can do is just to check the corners of your room, and then you can sweep or vacuum it constantly.

Do not buy without researching

Researching before you do anything is always a must, no matter what you are going to do. Most especially if that is something that is going to be permanent such as loft conversion and installing double glazing windows or doors. You need to do research first so that you will know what you can expect from it. Also, when you research, it includes who you are going to hire for the construction and installation.

Do Not Choose the Cheap Ones

There is nothing wrong with choosing the cheap ones. However, when it comes to home improvement, you do not want to risk the quality of the things that you paid using your hard earned cash. So when you are going to canvass for contractors, consider their reputation of doing quality work. Also, check what designs that they usually do and as well as the labour. Labour is something that you must consider, discounted prices are okay especially when you know the contractor but asking for a big discount just because you know each other is a no-no. Respect the skills that your contractor have, the quality and the effort of the work he will be doing for you. If you don’t respect that, then head on to the ones that you little budget will fit but do not expect for a good deal.

Therefore, when you are going to have double glazing installation in your house and loft conversion construction, and then always research before finalising your decision. Then, do not choose the cheap ones if you want a good deal then expect to pay more for the quality of work that you are going to get. Then, have regular maintenance after. Now if you have already finally decided for your loft conversion construction and double glazing installation then head on to and