Consulting Engineers: Nature of Hazard

Posted By on Sep 29, 2016 |

As the number of construction and buildings continue to arise, the fatality rate of construction workers has significantly risen as well. Construction can take months and years before it is done and finished. Within this period, from the start up to the end, everything is crucial from the safety of workers to the building of the foundation of the facilities. A lot can happen within a long period on a construction site or building site. Most of the time, the construction workers are usually the ones who are put in danger because they are the ones who are there on site and the ones building the structures themselves.

Nature of Hazard

According to survey and recent records of fatalities, the leading reasons of safety hazards in construction sites are the following: falls (height), electric shock, arc blast, and being caught between large objects and materials. All of these hazards have caused deaths and serious injuries. This is very alarming especially for the consulting engineering firms and companies handling the building project. They are the ones who are blamed with these incidents because their failure to identify hazards are often questioned to improper or limited training, and complacent supervisions of the site and construction workers. Some of the examples of events or areas where there are limited training include monitoring safety, safety inspection and design for safety. In, these things are never overlooked, and they always make sure of everyone’s safety during the entire duration of the construction and building process.

Education and Safety are the Key


One of the major approaches the GGP consult has made to avoid hazards and accidents are proper training and education to all construction workers and even the entire team working together to finish the building project. This brings the hope of less injuries and fatalities. Also, it is very important and vital for workers to be able to communicate well with each other. Thus language plays a vital role as well between workers.

Also, specialized equipment is being used by GGP consult to promote and insure safety to everyone in the team. They provide high-end facilities to their clients in the United Kingdom and they always make sure to avoid further responsibilities of their workers.

It is advisable that each of the construction sites should have what they call the construction site manager. The primary role of the construction site manager is to monitor the site and its workers from time to time and to remind them of the safety precautions, rules and regulations that are needed to be observed during the construction period and time.

As they always say, prevention is better than cure. Site hazard prevention will lessen and aid the onsite injuries, fatalities, and accidents. Some of the prevention measures taken are safety management seminars, building and construction sites that have fall protection systems, integrating safety as part of the work and making sure that all workers are properly trained in all areas.