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Holiday resorts, wedding venues and security firms are all fans of using golf carts for getting around faster than walking. Ensuring you know the reason you need the golf trolley is important and it’s also crucial to know the different types of golf trolley that are available so you can make an absolutely informed decision. Believe it or not there are many uses for golf trolleys other than on a golf course. There are also different types of golf trolley. Most of the time golf trolleys are used on a golf course to caddy equipment, clubs and clothing for golfers but over the years golf trolleys are used within more than just golf courses. Knowing the functions of your golf trolley before you buy is important and your choice should really be based on how often you plan to use it. So here are the types of golf trolley there are available:

  • Electric golf trolley: Absolutely ideal and built in features where other golf trolleys don’t have these. A golfer using an electric trolley would find particular use of a GPS USB charging point and this as a feature on a golf course is such an advantage. Battery powered with lithium makes the trolley more lightweight but also a little more expensive. Finding a golf trolley that will fold away, have a power on light, and a digital colour display can be difficult but on a site like this is actually fairly easily found. EZiCaddy trolleys are manufactured in Kent and there’s no middle man to deal with when it comes to sales as they’re sold direct to consumer. A 2 year warranty with a 28 day trial is definitely something to consider when buying an electric golf trolley.
  • Push and pull golf trolleys: Some golfers prefer the push and pull method as opposed to the charge it up and go electric trolley. Foldaway push and pull trolleys are less expensive as generally they are for rent. It doesn’t have any built in features or displays like the electric kind which is sought to be more useful but no fuss.

Golf trolleys all have their uses but the electric kind comes out on top of all kinds. Companies not only sell a range of digital trolleys, but bags, batteries and various accessories and parts for the trolley itself. There’s a back to base service with EZiCaddy for repairs and servicing required on the EZiCaddy is minimal aside from keeping batteries charged and keeping the trolley clean. It takes 12 hours for a caddy battery to charge and it should be charged between games and kept on charge.

Balance is so important as if you overload the trolley is can run the battery down as it’s not designed to carry over the weight that is listed. By using EZiCaddy online, you will never have to deal with a shop selling to you as they’re the manufacturers and that’s the best place to have a direct relationship with the supplier.

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Is your radiator full of sludge? Has it been many years since you last cleaned your radiators, or have you never cleaned your radiator at all? Surprisingly this is pretty common but most people don’t even realise that sludge is the reason for the radiator no longer working. Rust and dirt will naturally sink to the bottom of a radiator and create a thick sludgy layer that takes a long time to heat up.

Most people don’t even know that cleaning their radiators out is an important job designed to ensure maximum heating in the room. If you don’t get them cleaned out, this can stop your central heating working as efficiently as it should, or can even prevent it from working completely. Making the intelligent decision to have a radiator flush or cleaning your radiators to prevent problems from occurring is the right way to go.

You may be able to tell that you need to clean sludge from your radiator if it is warm at the top or at the sides, but is cold at the bottom. Doing the yearly spring clean is a big job and if you’re like most people, making a list of what jobs to do is the most important thing to do. On that job list you should definitely be including the home maintenance jobs like cleaning and bleeding out the radiators. Each year, radiators build up a sort of ‘sludge’ through them and if your central heating isn’t performing as well as it should, you may find that bleeding your radiators is a good place to start; it may even solve the problem outright. Either way, bleeding regularly is a good habit to get into to keep your home warm and your family comfortable.

Companies such as  always recommend proper drainage of radiators to avoid any plumbing issues. It may sound like a fairly technical term, but you’ll be surprised how easy it is to bleed a radiator. We’re not meaning that you should take a knife and stab it repeatedly, this isn’t that type of bleeding. Before starting, turn off your hot water and your central heating, and wait until the central heating system is completely cold. You definitely don’t want boiling water spraying you in the face the moment you put in the radiator key. Then, place a dry cloth or two underneath the radiator – this is important as otherwise you could damage your carpet or flooring with the water that comes out.

Some people choose to place a bucket or a tray underneath the radiator so if discoloured water comes out it won’t ruin the carpet. For the next part, you’ll need a radiator bleed key. These can be bought from any DIY shop and don’t cost much. Look for the square bleed screw which should be located at the top of the radiator, on the side or on the back. Insert the bleed key and – slowly – turn it anticlockwise, by no more than two turns though as you don’t want to remove the screw completely. You will hear a hissing noise, and this is normal. Wait until the hissing stops, and you’ll start to see a small amount of water coming out from the bleed screw, at which point you should tighten the bleed screw again (but be careful not to over-tighten it). Repeat the process for all the radiators in your house.

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Aluminium is fast becoming the most popular metal used in patio furniture and for a good reason. For starters, it’s a durable material, versatile and requires very little care on the part of the owner. It’s commonly known that it doesn’t rust like iron tends to and there is little science behind cast iron furniture. When exposed to the elements, aluminium develops a microscopic layer of oxide on its exterior. This oxide layer acts as a barrier to protect the metal from further damage by said elements and prevent it corroding like cast iron does.

Of course, you can order rattan furniture instead of aluminium from companies like but if you prefer the aluminium look, there are plenty of characteristics to choose from. The unique quality for aluminium is its ability to be versatile – it will also weather any climate and any amount of rain. It’s definitely a popular contender for the British garden furniture market, given the rain we get!

There are different types of aluminium that we generally tend to use in the construction of patio furniture and wrought aluminium is one of them. It’s a furniture usually used to created Victorian style aesthetics similar to styles found in most wrought iron outdoor pieces. Tubular aluminium techniques in furniture is probably the most common as it is the lightest and easiest to shape and form correctly. Lastly, cast aluminium patio furniture is made using a process, called casting, where molten aluminium is poured into a mould. This process produces the purest and most resilient form of aluminium around.

Much of the aluminium patio furniture range out there comes with a powder coating. This gives the aluminium colour and helps to reduce the surface becoming scratched and dented as it is moved around the garden. Powder coating often has increases the visual appeal as well as giving the metal additional strength, however, it does require a little extra care to maintain its original appearance. Like all metals, aluminium is affected by pollution in the air and moisture and its surface can suffer discolouration and become pitted. Aluminium may not rust but it does oxidise which can result in discolouration also. While this won’t ever affect the structural reliability of the metal like rust, it doesn’t look great and part of patio furniture is the aesthetics.

In order to keep furniture looking as new as the day you bought is all you have to do is wash it down with warm soapy water regularly. The level of care required does vary will depend on the condition of the furniture and if you need to do any deep cleaning then it is always best to do this cleaning after the summer is over and the furniture will be less used. Keep an eye out for small chips in the powder coating as this will cause water to enter underneath the outer layer and ultimately cause damage you might not be able to fix.

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Types of Windows

Posted By on Dec 2, 2016

The windows are the eyes of the home. Not only can you see out of them but people can see in and there a lot of window types out there to choose for your house. Windows let in light primarily and they also can have the ability to heat a home and make it very cold if you haven’t double glazed. There are companies out there like that will install double glazing in place of single pane windows. Windows play a huge role in the efficiency of your home, but that’s not all they do; if you’re planning on selling your house in the next few years, new windows are a huge selling feature.

They’re one of the top five things potential buyers ask about a home, so the investment can add considerable value. If your house has only got single pane windows you’ll be very aware of creeping cold and damp specifically in the winter months of the year. New windows also instantly create curb appeal and can make a dated exterior look fresh and modern. If they’re doing their job properly, you shouldn’t notice the windows in your house. But if you’re in the market for an upgrade, there are tons of options that can add value to your home and make a stylish statement. Bay windows supplied by can dramatically improve the value of the house as they’re designed specifically for home improvement.

There are some very telling signs that your windows need replacing and to make sure that you recognise the signs you have to be aware of what can happen to your windows. You should make a point of inspecting them regularly for drafts, condensation or fogging, rot and mould. There are different types of windows you can choose from and have installed and companies like can offer a variety of choices. We’ve put together a list of the types of window you can have installed to your home:
Casement: Swinging in and out like a door and operating with a crank, they offer a high level of ventilation and have a tight seal when closed. This is a great choice for hard-to-reach or awkward places because they’re easier to open and mean less condensation.

Double-hung: One of the most common types of windows through the home and popular with builders, they consist of two sashes that move up and down. They are great for ventilation and complement any style of house.

Picture: Large and fixed and usually flanked by two casements or double-hung windows, their big, dramatic shape allows for lots of natural light and unobstructed views. They can be pricey because of their size, and keep in mind that they offer no ventilation. Beautiful though they may be they’re not practical!

Bay: Made up of one large fixed window in the middle and a casement on either side, they project from an exterior wall and are a staple in many Victorian-style homes. Take caution when installing – they’re large and heavy, meaning they need adequate structural support.


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We all know what a flood is in essence. A large, intrusive body of water that covers land that is usually dry. They’re common as a natural disaster, especially when following a hurricane and they can affect millions of people at a time. Like anything with Mother Nature, it’s scary. Thing is, when water is in a glass or confined to a pond it’s relatively harmless. It runs through our homes and under our feet underground every day and no one ever gives it a second thought. That is until it’s filling the streets, bursting the banks of rivers and making its debut while tearing through homes and causing thousands of pounds of damage.

Flooding has always been a part of human history and they do happen on a daily occurrence in the home. It’s not just natural disaster of course, 8239302356_b1b0bf0918_zbacked up plumbing and broken piping can cause flooding in the home as can bathroom plug holes being clogged with hair and other yucky bodily debris. A top hit for Google comes from people asking how to ‘unblock my drains in Southampton’ and there are lots of companies out there that can help in plumbing emergencies.

Floods are not always natural disasters that are destructive. Before the Assuan Dam was built yearly floods in Egypt brought along nutrients and made the land around the Nile very fertile. Every year, floods during the monsoon season in Bangladesh deposit fertile soil but also have the unfortunate disadvantage of killing thousands of people and leaving hundreds of thousands homeless. Definitely not a win win situation! There are a lot of ways flooding happens and it’s usually due to excessively heavy rainfall and thunderstorms can cause harmful flash flooding in which small rivers swell very quickly and carry up to ten times the normal amount of water. We call these freak storms but they’re actually natural and it just happens that we’ve built our communities and civilisations nearby to bodies of water. So really, as humans, we cannot complain!

Flood protection today is seemingly not a priority for our government but they are high priorities in countries that are in danger. Dams get built alongside rivers to regulate the water flow and majestic creatures like elephants create their own water flow by movement of logs and rocks. Rivers become dredged and laid deeper in some places to allow for more water to be available. London is protected by the Thames Barrier and this construction moves up and stops water getting into the city when it reaches a certain height.

Recently there has been excessive flooding in England and yet the government have yet to budget for extreme contingencies. Thousands of homes were damaged beyond help and families were left without electricity, heat or even dry furniture over the Christmas period. Rebuilding after massive floods often can take years if not months and even the best dehumidifiers can’t help some cases.

Overall, being vigilant about the water in your home and have emergency provisions for the potential flooding Mother Nature can bring is all you can do.

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Nowadays there are a lot of things that can be bought in a mall or stores. Things that people would want and do not need. You may want to think again that the world is fast changing and that is already in the millennial age. People buy things that make them comfortable, and this is a need for them. One of which is that people need to be comfortable in their homes and that homeowners buy or do the best things to make their homes comfortable.  Having heater or air-conditioner is one of the much equipment you must have. This depends on the area you are located. As some states do have long winter months and some, have long summer months. That is why you need to purchase the right and suitable unit that would fit in your home. To know more about heater and air-conditioner, you can check

Having heater and air-conditioners at home will give you comfort. It is best to know more about the uses of the heater and air conditioner that can do to your homes. As you should also be having these units for a significant purpose in your homes. So here are the important things that you need to know more about heaters and air conditioners.



It was in 1908 that air-conditioner was created by Willis Carrier, the father of air –conditioning.  The creation of air-conditioner is to make the air humid that is suitable for a specific kind of place. It gives a proper and well-ventilated air for everyone in a home or office.  It is also made for people having a lung disease like asthma or bronchopneumonia patients to stay indoors and have these air-conditioners remove the dust and other micro-organisms inside homes. It cools and heats the room the room at the same time. As there are different types of the air-conditioner and that these units would suit a specific area where these units are to be placed. To know more about air- conditioner you can check more details and information. Having air-conditioners are a great idea on cooling your surroundings ad best for places that experience long dry and hot season.


Heaters are a need for those places having long winter months and that people need it aside from having a fireplace. The heater is a need to heat up your home in an environmentally and friendly way. It is good to know that these heaters takes heat outside and pumps it and used indoors. You also need to know that there is also a different type of heaters, the one installed and the one that is plugged in. You should know to which type of heater you need for your homes. Prices do vary to the type and to the area you need to install your heaters. Heaters would also require maintenance and cleaning every 3 to 6 months just like air-conditioners to maintain a long life.

If you have plans in purchasing a heater and an air-conditioner, it is best to know first their specifications, types and what it can do to your home. You need to be comfortable enough to have this equipment at home to make you safe and secure during the winter or hot season. Do check more details and information about heaters and air-conditioners.

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