You don’t need to keep your loft a storage area. A simple loft conversion can make it an extra room. The loft is the best place you can have in your home. You might not have realized it yet. Here are five reasons to stay in a loft.

Natural light

Staying in your loft can give you as much light that you like. The loft can be installed with windows to let you see the sky even at night time. The sky serves as a source of light that will even give you a bright room with your lights turned off. Looking at the sky can be relaxing. Moving your workspace in the loft will let you find great ideas. Just seeing the sky will already activate your brain cells to give out great ideas.


hotel-1330847__180The loft is on top of your home. You can have more time for yourself. You can have more privacy in the loft compared to other rooms in your home. Kids can’t easily find you in the loft if you want to have a breather. You are guaranteed privacy to watch movies that you like or read books that you enjoy. You easily hear someone going up on the stairs if they want to disturb your privacy. A short note on the foot of the stairs should make them leave you some privacy.

Less noise

Noise cannot travel much to reach your loft. Kid’s noises can be contained to their rooms. Your neighbors’ noise barely reaches the top of your home. You can sleep long hours with the less noise. You can finish more work with less noise to disturb you. The only disadvantage of staying in the loft is you will be less aware of the people in your home. Make sure that you keep your communication devices on alert mode for others to easily call you when needed.

Great view

Most people like to stay in a loft because of the great view. You can see other buildings. The skyline is a great thing to watch. It’s even a plus if you can see the sunrise and sunset every day.  A verandah on your loft is a good place to sit down and relax as well. If you don’t have a verandah, you can have one done. Visit to find out how.

Fresh air

Fresh air can get in your loft through the windows and your verandah. Some windows also double as vents too. You can have these types of windows installed in your loft. Your loft can be the most relaxing place in your home where you can get a lot of fresh air.

The best reason to stay in a loft is that of its great atmosphere. You can get natural light and fresh air that would be good for your health. The great view can be shared with your family. You can also have more privacy with less noise. Sleep comes to you easily with fewer disturbances from noise or other people.

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If you want to contribute to preserving mother earth, you might have to change your water system to a solar water heater. Solar powered water system presents various benefits to people and the environment. However, many have taken for granted its importance. If you are still planning on having solar hot water systems or ground source heat pumps online ask assistance from plumbing engineering in Oxford for professional guidance and expert advice. Here are some benefits and advantages when using solar heater:

  1. It helps you lessen the amount of you utility bill. Several surveys have already proven that using solar water heaters could potentially reduce overall total of your utility bill up to 30%. For example, if you are paying $100 a month, you will save $30 per monthly payment. The sum of saved money that you will get in a year is already significant, especially in today very tough economic condition.
  2. It provides no negative environmental impact, unlike other energy sources. Most of the world’s energy resource comes from burning fossil fuels. Various studies have already proven the negative effects using fossil fuels for energy which includes man-made disasters such as climate change and various health problems. On the other hand, solar power is a safe and free to use energy resource that will last forever.
  3. It is an investment that could add value to your home. Nowadays, a lot of people have been intrigued and gain interest about incorporating solar power into homes. Because of its financial benefits and less environmental impact, more and more people would want to own one in their homes. Basically, incorporating solar power in your home improvements would increase the total value of your property. Real estate agents can easily promote your property since it has valuable components that would interest lots of people.
  4. It does not emit negative elements that could endanger the earth. The solar heater can prevent carbon dioxide emission and sulphur dioxide from being released to the earth’s surface. Generally, it reduces carbon footprint emission and lessens the need for fossil fuels.
  5. It promotes energy independence. Most households are totally dependent upon electricity. A sudden interruption in your electrical service would disable your hot water. If the interruption happens during the cold season, you would not be able to enjoy your shower and bath. With solar power heater, you would not have to worry power outage since your bath and shower is not dependent on electricity. You can have a warm bath and shower anytime. However, you might not be using your solar water heater more often during summer. Hence, you can schedule for general maintenance, repairs, and replacement of your solar heater within the summer season. It may be also appropriate during this time to buy ground source heat pumps for your heater.
  6. It is reliable and you do not have to replace it every time as long as you’re solar heater is regularly maintained. It can run for years without interruption as long as it is placed in a secure location.

1425314607tuujvThe new solar technology can be efficiently used in any kind of climate. Its systems are carefully designed to withstand rain and windy conditions and for other various climactic conditions. So if you are planning to have one right now, make sure to look for reliable and the best services in your area.

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