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How To Choose A New Front Door

Posted By on Jul 24, 2017

Choosing the right Solidor doors is important but what other doors are available to you?

Glass reinforced plastic (GRP) composite

Composite front doors were introduced to the market around 10 years ago, aimed at homeowners wanting to retain the appearance of a timber door whilst benefitting from modern materials, which require less maintenance and work harder to keep out the draughts. Now they’re a fast-growing option, with sales of composite doors almost doubling year on year.

Usually 44mm thick, GRP doors are the most thermally efficient, but they’re not the most secure. And because colour is normally applied on a white fibreglass skin, GPR doors are prone to scratches. In particular, beware of asking door manufacturers to match any RAL colour, as colour applied in this way is especially at risk of scratching.

uPVC front door

When uPVC front doors were first introduced, they were a welcome alternative to the traditional timber front door – lower in cost and with greater thermal performance. However, not everybody appreciates the aesthetics of uPVC and the variety of styles and colours can be limited.

Usually 28mm thick, many people feel they are easy to break into, and, although there have been innovations in the uPVC sector, the popularity of the uPVC front door is diminishing.

Timber core composite

Nearly three quarters of all new-build homes this year will have composite doors and they are now more than twice as popular as timber doors amongst home improvers. More environmentally friendly than GRP composite doors, are timber core composite doors; the timber for which is sourced from sustainable forests and can be recycled at the end of the door’s lifetime.

Solid timber core doors with high-performance security features are the most secure front door available, and with a robust thermo-plastic door skin, they’re also the most durable. If you look for a brand with colour applied as a vacuum-formed thermo-plastic ‘skin’, you’ll minimise scratches and eliminate the need for re-painting or touching up.

There are some fantastic traditional and contemporary front door designs out there in some beautiful colours. So whether you’re looking for a standard size, or a door which is bespoke in both size and design, there are timber core composite door manufacturers who can help.

There’s also the option to bring your vision to life using a ‘design a door’ function online or via a phone app – many of these even have the facility to upload a picture of your home to see the impact a new door would make.

Solid hardwood front door

A bespoke, solid hardwood front door will add a touch of luxury to any home. Ideal for period properties, a solid hardwood front door will be made-to-measure and can be designed to a large extent by the homeowner. The end result is likely to be a high-quality front door that will last for many years – but you’ll need to be willing to look after it in order to protect your investment.

Any paint or varnish will inevitably need to be re-applied as the colour fades or peels away.

And without care and attention, a solid hardwood door may crack, absorb water and eventually rot.

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It is a good idea to hire a pet sitter for watching over your pets while you are off to a long trip vacation with your lovely partner. For sure you can’t leave you animals to starve and be neglected so with a pet sitter they will be well handled and taken cared off. They will not be lonely or starving when there’s someone who is feeding them in your place. They are not also dying when someone who is making sure that they remain healthy and strong. So there’s no need for concern and just enjoy your romantic trip with your loved one and when you come back you will see that everything is a-ok.

There are many advantages when having to hire someone who is a professional in dealing pets and here are they:

  • They are fully trained in dealing different kinds of animals.
  • They know how to deal with overexcited pets.
  • They will care for your pet with tender loving care.
  • They know how to handle complicated animals.
  • They will make sure that your pets are healthy and well when you return.

You can always rely on their services, according to the words from, because the pet sitters are serious about their job and they care about the animals in general. They are trained to become professionals because they know there’s going to be a lot of different animals with different personalities and each of them is handled differently from one another. You wanted to know that the person that you are going to hire as your pet sitters is a reliable person. Where you can put your trust in taking care of your beloved pet. From the best words of you can always count on them. They will be there when your pet needed love. Your pet sitter will make sure that your pets have taken their prescribed vitamins because it is what you requested. They will follow your instructions whenever you need.

For all you wanted is to work in peace and knowing that your pets are handled by someone who is capable is the insurance that you can get from it. You wanted to be sure that when you get home they will be bouncing around, barking or meowing to see you because they are well and full of energy. You wanted to be sure that when you hire that person they will follow your instructions to the T. You don’t have to worry about it too much because with a sitter they will make sure they will get your instructions right and making sure that your pets are happy as they can be. That is the sitter that you want to hire. So you can work peacefully and with no worries. You can always rely on hiring a professional pet sitter because they can do their jobs right and they care enough to watch over your pets while you are away. That’s the person you need for your pet.

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When it comes to matters pertaining to your home, you have always tried your best to do the job by yourself. DIY has taught you a lot of things that you can get done by yourself while at the same time, it has made it possible for you to save a lot of money in the process. Still, there are those instances when there may be a need for you to call on the professionals. With carpet cleaning especially where stains and a lot of dirt are concerned, it is always best that you will decide to seek out the services of the experts.

While a number of these providers can be found around, you need to be sure that the professional cleaning company that you can find at will be the right people for the job. It is very important that you will select people that are going to be capable and reliable to get the job done. Below are some of the reasons why it will be better for you to secure the services of those that are experts in the field.

It saves time

While it may be possible for you to get that the stain off of the carpeting on your own, it is likely going to take you a long time. The reason for this is because you will have limited tools and resources at your disposal. Unlike the professionals that will have all the equipment that they need to get the cleaning job done right, you will only have limited tools to use yourself. Add to that the fact that you may not have the luxury of time to do the job, then it is better that you call the experts in and let them do the work for you.

They can do the job in a much simpler manner

If you are going to have to do the work yourself, you will find that there may be a need for you to have to employ a lot of procedures and processes before you can actually start seeing some positive results. There will likely be a lot of work that may be involved to do the work too. For instance, you will have to move fixtures and furniture away from the stained area and then you will have to put them all back together once the cleaning is done. Life would be so much easier if you can just pay the professionals to do all the work for you.

You won’t have to deal with smells and odors

If the carpet has not been cleaned for a long time, chances are you will have to deal with some unpleasant smells and odors when you are cleaning it. With limited resources to use, this can be a tough task to do. With the experts though, they have all the tools of the trade that will ensure that not only will the carpeting be properly cleaned up, they will see to it that no residue smell is going to be left as well.  This is why it really is more practical to allow the experts to assist you.


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One of the many things that will make a retail shop successful is when it is properly fitted to make it an ideal place for shoppers to come in and buy. This is a job that should be done by the professionals though. This is because a well-fitted shop needs to meet certain elements that experts in the field are very much well aware of how to achieve. So, before you decide to secure the services of professional shopfitters at, know what it is exactly that you are looking for first.

You need providers that will meet your needs. This means that you have to look for professionals who will make it easy for you to work with them. They understand how important it is that they will take your needs and preferences into account. They understand too that while they should play a proactive role in guiding you in the decision that you have to make, it is critical for them to have the means to get your preferences and your ideas into fruition.

They need to be experienced. The best thing about providers that have been in the industry for a long time is that they can successfully apply their trade secrets into ensuring that what you are getting is service that has been tried and has been tested before. Thanks to their exposure in the field, you are sure that the solutions that they will brand to the table are ones that have been tried and tested to be quite useful before.

They know where to procure the items that are needed for the fitting too. You will need shelves and other fixtures that are going to be used as display fixtures for your merchandise and your products. The best providers will know where to get them. They will know which manufacturers or sellers can get you exactly the fixtures that to you need at figures that will be well within the budget that you are willing to spend.

The quality of the fixtures that they will install will be something that they will sure as well. They understand that the accessories that will be added to the setting can only be useful based on their overall quality. This is why the right shopfitters pay close attention not only the design of these fixtures but of the specific materials that they are made from as well.

Aesthetics is also another concern that they will take into account. These providers understand that how pleasing these fixtures are to the eyes can affect their overall appeal to the public. This is why they also make it a point to come up with shopfitting solutions that will actually improve how the whole place looks.

They ensure that your budget is taken not consideration too. They understand that there may be limitations to what you can afford to spend. This is why they take the time to look into all the choices possible for you so s to get the most value off of the money that you have set for the shopfitting.


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Keep Yourself Safe In The Home

Posted By on Mar 28, 2017

Your home is your palace and if your home looks ‘open’ to others then you are in a very vulnerable position. Homes are especially vulnerable in quiet country areas and those belonging to the more wealthy residents, such as London and the South East. Ensuring that you use an effective upvc windows contractors in Sevenoaks when installing your windows at the front of your house are secure is extremely important. They should be ideally double glazed and fitted correctly as this can make such a difference in the eyes of a burglar. Dealing with home security isn’t the easiest and not having the right provisions in place for your home can be to its detriment. The trauma of a break in doesn’t just scar the home but it can really affect your mental health and it’s not something that’s spoken about enough. The support required to support you personally when your space has been violated is usually quick and professional and while you’re trying to come to terms with the damage that has possibly been done, you’ll hopefully have insurance available to take the pressure off trying to replace stolen items.

It can actually feel worse if nothing is missing from your house after a robbery because you’re then left feeling like the person who broke in has unfinished business and will come back to find whatever it was they didn’t find the first time round. It’s frightening and it’s for that reason that your home security should be a top priority.

  1. Don’t leave your keys or ID documents within easy reach of doors, letterboxes or windows. You don’t want to make it easy for anyone to get easy access and if your house has windows fitted by a professional upvc window contractors Tunbridge Wells then you are already on your way to better security. Make sure the locks are secure inside the windows and consider getting frosted windows fitted.
  2. Close and lock all doors and windows. If you have multi-locking door handles, lift the handle, lock it with the key and remove it. Put the key in a safe place out of sight in case of fire.
  3. Lock garages and sheds so garden tools and ladders can’t be used to break into your home. If you’ve recently had window locks fitted to by a proper upvc window companies in Tonbridge they would have properly inspected them and they will be able to ensure the locks won’t break or be easily broken.
  4. Keep side gates locked and wheelie bins stored behind them so that the gate isn’t easily accessible.
  5. Use timer switches linked to lights and a radio so it appears that someone is at home especially if you are planning a long holiday. Giving the impression that you are home as well as having someone check in on the house while you’re gone.
  6. Invest in a safe for valuables and sentimental items and securely fix it to a solid surface. You can put passports and birth certificates in here as well that way in case of flood or fire you’re special documents are protected.
  7. Install a visible intruder alarm system and make sure it’s bold enough to be seen from outside – burglars don’t want to be seen or heard.
  8. Install low level ‘dusk till dawn’ lighting to increase visibility and deter burglars.
  9. Keep side and rear boundaries high to restrict access and front boundaries low to remove hiding places.
  10. Photograph and mark valuables and sentimental items with your postcode and house number/name.
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