3 Proper Ways of Using Your Pressure Washer

Posted By on Sep 29, 2016 |

The pressure washer has been a hit in the market today because of how helpful it is to people when it comes to cleaning surfaces. It does not just help the user in removing the dirt, but it also makes the working process or the cleaning process a lot easier and quicker. For beginners who are just trying to figure out how does a pressure washer works and how this tool can be the answer for their cleaning problems, here are three proper ways of using a pressure washer that is listed to aid users who want to learn more about this powerful tool.

  1. Observe the proper color coding of the pressure washer’s nozzle get the best result when cleaning. Different colors of the nozzles have different degrees assigned to it. So when you are cleaning, make sure that you are using the right type of nozzle to prevent damages and to clean the surface properly. If your cleaning needs some forty degrees nozzle, go for the white one. If twenty degrees nozzle, go for the green. If fifteen degrees nozzle, go for the yellow. If zero degrees nozzle, go for the red. If a low pressured nozzle, go for the black one.
  1. Always remember that the proper way of cleaning a vertical area or surface is washing it from the bottom up and rinsing it from the top down. Also, make sure that before you start cleaning, allow making some trial and error with the different kinds of nozzles so that you will know which one is best for the cleaning process. If you are planning to clean a surface delicately, the safest nozzle to use is the one with the lowest pressure on it and has the broadest nozzle. In this case, it is the black nozzle.
  1. The proper way when cleaning an outdoor surface or area using a pressured washer is to properly angle the tool into the surface you wish to clean. Proper angle is equal to the best result of cleaning. Also, avoid directing the pressured washer onto the surface you wish to clean because it may cause damage. Practice the proper distance that is needed from the pressured washer to the surface you are cleaning. Also, prevent yourself from spraying water on surfaces that are vertical also to avoid spraying some equipment that is not waterproofed and are sensitive to water such as electrically operated equipment.

Terrace cleaning with high-pressure


For you to know the proper ways of using a pressure washer, always read the instructions clearly and understand it very well so that there will be no damages or other bad things that may happen while you are cleaning your outdoor surfaces or areas. You can also check some tutorials available on the internet to help you also in properly utilizing this tool for cleaning. If you want to look for a pressure washer that you can buy and start utilizing for your own place, you can visit http://www.aquacleanindustrial.com, and they surely have a lot in store for you.